Strategic Partnerships For Growth

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Jack J. Luchese, BA, MBA – Advisor: Finance, M&A, Corporate Development If you are an emerging growth company you may be considering a strategic partnering strategy to optimize the value of a product opportunity or technology. BioAlliance Strategies’ Advisor for M&A, Licensing and Finance Jack J. Luchese, MBA shares his insight and experience on the… Read more »

Are You 2016 BD Budget Ready?

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2016 BD Budget Ready? “Fractionalized BD” Reduces Costs and Increases BD-ROI. Business Development is a necessary but costly endeavor and the BioAlliance model allows you to benefit from the BD activities at a fraction of the cost. Your company only pays for activities focused on identifying targets, communicating capabilities and facilitating interactions with over 18K industry… Read more »

Why Hire Another Full Time BD? Spread The Wealth Instead And Increase Your BD-ROI

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Why hire a full time BD employee?  Salary, taxes, healthcare costs … instead think “Fractionalized BD”.  BioAlliance Strategies uses an Integrated BD/Marketing model that performs the grunt work such as daily Twitter, weekly LinkedIn and monthly Newsletters and Slideshare presentations to educate your target audience about your capabilities … to thousands of validated contacts at… Read more »

VC’s And The Challenges Of A Transition

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VCs And The Challenges Of A Transition In early February of this year, the BIO (Biotechnology Industry Organization) Report addressed significant venture capital changes by stating that “VCs will pull back from areas that are seen as having unforeseeable or unpredictable regulatory and reimbursement hurdles”. The bottom line is that half of the VCs involved… Read more »

On Bridging the Present and Future of Management.

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About two years ago, Tom Peters felt as if he were falling behind. In response, he cleared out his calendar and spent much of the next 18 months reading recent business books. The result? “I’m more confused than when I started,” he quips.   The remark is vintage Peters—a stimulating mix of provocation, sloganeering, down-home wisdom,… Read more »

The Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

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The Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Screwing up is part of starting a business. It can happen to anybody-even someone with a great idea and a solid grasp of how to launch a company. Sometimes they make simple blunders that are easy to recover from. Sometimes the goofs are serious enough…

5 Business Risks for Start-Ups and Their Solutions

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Michael Kaiser, MA – Advisor: Executive Management of BioAlliance Strategies, LLC is keenly aware of the threat and opportunities in the biopharmaceutical and medical devices sectors. Few companies in today’s business environment develop a therapy, technology, or medical device from the bench to the market. Strategic relationships are utilized to enhance scientific expertise, geographic reach, and… Read more »