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BioAlliance Strategies is proud to announce entering into a strategic relationship with ClinPharm Network to provide consulting services to clinical sites for the development and enhancement of site SOPs and QA policies and procedures.  Patrick R. Ayd, BSN, MBA joins BioAlliance in an advisory role to clinical sites and to support designing/renovating and improving inpatient clinical pharmacology research facilities and operations.

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SOPs are critically important in a clinical research facility. Standardizing processes is key to collecting correct, timely, and consistent data which is the goal of every clinical research trial. SOPs are an excellent source for training new or temporary staff members how to conduct a process so they conduct the process consistent with the rest of the organization. SOPs need to be as detailed as the process or procedure calls for to create consistent results.

The documentation of training of your staff is critical so as to show external (and internal) regulators that your staff does have the tools necessary to collect correct and timely data in a consistent manner. SOPs should mirror the process or procedure to ensure consistent data. SOPs should be specific to your facility so be wary of “buying” a set of SOPs. You are much better off consulting an industry expert to help set up your SOPs.

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Smaller companies don’t always have the resources for both marketing and business development teams and a lack of understanding of how to integrate the two limits growth potential for these companies.

Growing a business takes dedication as we all know. But for the entrepreneurs with expertise in something other than business development and marketing, they often build their business on relationships that carry them for the first few years. The relationships somehow disappear because someone moved on and can no longer be a conduit for business. Now what?

We hear this story more than one would think. So how can these companies afford what is typically more than $150K in annual payroll, taxes and healthcare costs? They usually can’t do that so they go without BD support. That’s where BioAlliance Strategies can cost effectively develop your content and messages, identify appropriate industry contacts, systematically communicate to the market and establish awareness for your services. Then we can get you in the door.

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Strategic Relationships are both a reward and punishment. The benefits derived can fuel growth similar to an acquisition without the complete financial and human capital commitment and responsibility.

You can dissolve the relationship and walk away much easier which is what often happens due to the fact they most often don’t work.
There is a methodology that will tip the scales in favor of this type of relationship paying big dividends and BioAlliance Strategies can demonstrate how and work with you to ensure success.

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