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RMH BWRichard M. Hahn, Senior Marketing and Creative Director

I just received a USPS-delivered newsletter from a company, a B2B firm I like with a wonderful reputation and quality services.  But this newsletter was a real ‘brand buster’ in my estimation.

The writer had to be paid by the word; it was wall-to-wall text formatted into James Joyce-length paragraphs and very few photos. No way in the world I have the time or inclination to muddle through this disaster.

Many marketing directors still don’t get it. They continue to cram as much copy into a website, newsletter or sales sheet as possible believing that they need to tell the entire story in minute detail to generate interest. In the famous words of a Cleveland resident interviewed on TV–“Who got time for that?”

This is the age of speed dating and the elevator pitch; the 140-character Twitter post, emoticons, acronyms and abbreviations.


• Just tell the story

• Rewrite. Edit  (Repeat)

• Use photos

• Tighten up paragraphs

• Worship white space

• Use bullet points

• Attach video links to your e-marketing pieces

In the interest of practicing what I preach…


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