BioAlliance Strategies … The Proven Leader In Fractionalized Business Development Strategies For The Life Sciences Industry

Over the last decade, BioAlliance Strategies has emerged as a leader in guiding life science service providers and sponsors through the challenges of market penetration. We are in the business of building strategic relationships for our clients in the industry and we do so through a proprietary research and data-driven, three-step action plan designed to significantly increase our clients’ BD ROI.

  1. We Identify synergistic business relationships through a research driven, integrated approach.
  2. We Communicate through customized, proven strategies that engage key stakeholders within targeted businesses.
  3. We Facilitate engagements between our clients and their target market.

An Integrated BD/Marketing Model

BioAlliance Strategies communicates your value and capabilities to thousands of validated contacts to add to your current CRM. Once campaign content is created, distribution occurs followed by reporting of individuals who open and click links that take readers to your Website, Twitter and Slideshare accounts, create opportunities for discussion and maximize your BD-ROI.

BioAlliance BD Deliverables

Manage Twitter account and activity: 5-6 daily tweets with 2-3 specific topics providing links to website, LinkedIn profiles and Slideshare.

Create weekly LinkedIn “Share Update” for employees providing links to website, Twitter and Slideshare.

Create monthly Slideshare presentation created providing links to website, LinkedIn profiles and Twitter.

Create and distribute monthly or quarterly Newsletters providing links to website, LinkedIn profiles and Twitter plus report all “Opens” and “Click Through” activity.

We report “Opens and Clicks” of contacts who reviewed your materials and went to your website, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter and Slideshare accounts to focus BD teams toward interested individuals.

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BioAlliance assists our clients through corporate development strategies to define a path to market penetration or product commercialization including Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Sourcing, Licensing, Co-Development & Joint Ventures.

Few companies in today’s business environment develop a therapy, technology, or medical device from the bench to the market. Strategic relationships are utilized to enhance scientific expertise, geographic reach and sharing of financial risk.

BioAlliance assists our clients through corporate development strategies to define a path to market penetration or product commercialization. Our services include:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Capital Sourcing
  • Licensing, Co-Development & Joint Ventures
  • Interim Executives
  • Scientific Advisory & Board of Director Memberships
  • Financial Modeling
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Target Identification & Evaluation
  • Project-Specific Financial Analyses
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BioAlliance Strategies provides clinical site services that increase compliance and marketability. Our efforts prepare sites for better management of clinical trials as well as to identify trial opportunities by communicating the site’s capabilities to sponsors and CROs.

BioAlliance operations services include:

  • Identifying, evaluating, implementing and standardizing best practices that comply with local, State and Federal laws and regulations (GCP).
  • Improving quality and speed of data collection in all clinical drug development trials.
  • Implementing independent Quality Assurance programs to identify issues in advance.
  • Assisting clinical research facilities with improving process management and documentation procedures through use of SOPs.
  • Assisting with communicating their value to sponsors and CRO through our integrated BD/Marketing service once a site is prepared.
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Expert Scientific, Regulatory and Business Advisors

Our Advisors lead the scientific aspects of your projects with an average of over 25 years Life Science industry experience. Along with strong scientific backgrounds, our Advisors provide the following services:

  • International Development & Operations
  • Process & System Re-Engineering & Optimization
  • Outsourcing Strategy Development & Execution
  • R&D Portfolio Review/Project Prioritization
  • Opportunity Due Diligence for Services & Products
  • Product Development Strategic Planning
  • Clinical Strategic Development Planning
  • Regulatory Strategy Planning
  • Product Profiling
  • R&D/Commercial Alignment
  • Project Management
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